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Here is another one of my winter projects the label reads made in the USA Copy of Antonius Stradivarius, Cremonensis it a full size fiddle with rosewood tuning keys, You can play oldtime or Bluegrass on this fiddle it has a lot of volume mainly because it has steel strings on it. You can look at the fingerboard and see that the previous player played this fiddle a lot. So if you have $200 cash ...
This is a smaller size fiddle that is part of my winter project. It come with a case and 2 bows. The Violin has stay-tight tuners that makes the violin easy to tune and stay in tune, this adds almost $100.00 value to the violin, it also has fine tuners. It has one new bow and a old bow included, ebony fingerboard. The Label inside say E R Pfretzschner made in Mittenwall obb West Germany 1970 Ha...
This ViolinFiddle is very loud it has steel string on it suitable for loud Bluegrass music This is just one of my many winter projects I have several Violinsfiddle that are ready to go. Im trying to price them for quick sales so I can buy more to restore. Im an old time fiddler player and their not much going on in the winter. Check me out on youtube clarence and bobbi roberts. Thanks for looki...
Includes a half size violin, a bow, extra strings, a towel, and an extra bridge. Please text me at and we can set up a date and location to pick it up.
A very old nice sounding fiddle, label inside reads Antonia Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciabat Anno 1713. I would guess the fiddle was made in the 1800s it has a repair label that reads Repaired by E.F.Amam Violin Makers E. St Louis Mo Oct 1940 it has some repair cracks on the top comes with case and bow. Thanks for Looking.
A great Sounding ViolinFiddle. The fiddle is made by Ernst Heinrich Roth BubenreuthErianger Germany Anno 1922The Fiddle has a warm sweet sound, plays very easy almost 100 years old.
And Old fiddleviolin, Loud Sound. Come with case and bow. I guess it a copy of a Strad.
A hand made violin made in china this is not the run of the mill violins that comes from china. It beautiful hand carved fiddle and a great sound come with case and bow. Thanks for looking
A Early 1900s Violin Great sounding instruments and beautiful wood. Was asking $1250 this summer but decided to cut the price to $850 includes case and bow. The case latch is broken but the zippers work find it hold 4 bows.
A nice fiddleviolin case and bow would make a great instrument to learn on. Made for William and Lewis and sons. The Violin was made in Germany. It also has the nonslip tuner pegs. or make offerThanks for looking.
Ernst Reinhold Schmidt 1857-1928 was a German violin maker who had a large workshop and factory in Markneukirchen. His instruments won gold medals in 1892 and 1913 in Vienna and Leipzig. His instruments follow the patterns of Amati, Guarnerius and StradivariusThis is a great sounding violinfiddle it has beautiful wood. I have owned this fiddle for about 15 years or more I dont play this one any...
A great Sounding ViolinFiddle The fiddle is make is Germany the label says 1922
A good fiddle made in Germany, the fiddle has a good sound includes case and bow $250 or make offer has a crack thats been repairedThanks for Looking
A full size student fiddle,Case and Bow. I dont know where it is made. It would make a good fiddle to learn on. $110 or make offer.Thanks For Lookling
A beautiful violin made in China has a great sound
A great sounding fiddle made 1922
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